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Genre Kryptonite: Political Campaign Novels, Book Riot

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What to Read if Adele’s New Song Has You Feeling Melancholic, Book Riot

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Spiritual Lessons from the West Wing: this guy falls down a hole.., Christian Focus

Spiritual Lessons from the West Wing: season five moments, Christian Focus

Plan B, Broadcast Magazine



Creative Writing

Surviving on Authonomy, Writers’ Forum

Studying Writing in the US, Writers’ Forum

Stick with Ink, Writing Magazine

DC Life

DC Native Gets Her Own TV Show, Washington Life

Food and Wine: Warm Up Your Winter, Washington Life

Food for Love this Valentine’s Day, Washington Life

House of Cards Premieres in DC, Washington Life

Over 2,000 Shoppers Expected at Kids Pop-Up Sale, Washington Life

FYIDC: Kiehl’s New LifeRide Will Support the GW MammovanWashington Life

On Stage: Let Trump Be Trump, Washington Life

Around Town: Social Entrepreneurs Come to DC, Washington Life

Access Pollywood: Veep Star Tony Hale Works to End Modern Slavery, Washington Life


A Starbucks is Born, The Bulletin

Speaking in Tongues, The Bulletin

Dogs in Belgium, Away Magazine

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Language Learning and Technology, Away Magazine

Lifelong Learning, Away Magazine

Op-Eds and Personal Essays

I’m the Biggest West Wing Fan You’ll Ever Meet, Washington Post

On Books and Unrequited Love, Lumen Magazine blog

On Buying the Same Book Again and Again,


How To Be British, Litro

Indelible, The Manifest Station

The Books We Love, Brevity blog

Resources for Learners of English as a Foreign Language

Low-cost airlines: is the bubble bursting?, Actuapress Mag

Twitter – what’s it all about?, Actuapress Mag

Tea in Britain, Actuapress Mag

Book Review- Watching Kate Fox Watch the English, Actuapress Mag

Women’s Tennis: On its Last Legs?, Actuapress Mag

Changing Times in British Politics, Actuapress Mag

The West Wing, Actuapress Mag

Scrabble is Sixty, Actuapress Mag

An English Girl in New York, Actuapress Mag

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Half a Century of Coronation Street, Actuapress Mag

Book Review – One Day, Actuapress Mag

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The West Wing

I’m the Biggest West Wing Fan You’ll Ever Meet, Washington Post

Memoirs for West Wing Fans, Book Riot

West Wing Cast Re-unites To Support VeteransWashington Life Magazine

What The West Wing Taught Us, Washingtonian Magazine



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