Conquering Babel

conquering-babel-copyright-owned-by-claire-handscombeFrom 2005 to 2012, I worked as a language tutor, teaching French, Spanish, and later English too, to adults of all levels, one-to-one and in small groups, in London and then Brussels, in person and later over Skype too. From my thousands of hours of experience, came several pieces in various magazines, a blog, as well as a bookConquering Babel. Although I am not actively teaching at the moment, I’m always happy to answer questions you may have about language learning.

One reviewer had this to say about the book: Thoughtful, well-written and full of useful strategies, information, recommendations and links for language learners. The author is a language tutor and clearly very professional, skilled and experienced juding by the content in this book. Unlike a lot of shorter Kindle self-help stuff which promise a lot and are basically a waste of time, this all killer, no filler and well worth paying for. I’d recommend to anyone, esp if like me you’ve been away from formal education for a while, or if language learning is new to you.

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